Fresh #Cucumber #Roll-ups

 An lovable occasion snack that packs within the veggies! Veggies wrapped in cream cheese-slathered cucumber slices. They’re speedy and simple to make, and certain seem festive! These fun, recent cucumber roll-ups are right for a occasion desk for equally children and adults.

Do you ever get drained of serving the identical antique tray of veggies the identical antique way? Same old, identical antique carrots and dip. But you desire to supply wholesome options, so what else is there?

Cue cucumber roll-ups!! They offer you special textures and flavors all in a single bite, plus a few cream cheese and herbs for flavor. These would possibly now not be every one kids’ cup of tea, but it’s all about giving new recommendations to attempt from. Everyone will desire to a minimum of attempt one at your subsequent party!

    four ounce cream cheese
    1 medium cucumber
    1/2 medium bell pepper, yellow
    1/2 cup strips or slices carrot


    Soften cream cheese to room temperature and blend with a spoon to soften.
    Wash and dry your cucumber. Using a vegetable peeler, slice into actually thin strips (thinner cucumbers work best).
    Cut bell pepper into matchstick pieces. I used 04-Jan every one of red pepper and yellow, but you might simply use one or the special if it’s easier.
    Spread a skinny layer of cream cheese down every one cucumber slice. On one end, area a handful of carrots and bell pepper, alongside with recent herbs if wanted (optional).
    Roll up and serve!

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