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Crock Pot Recipes are my favorite, so easy and so delicious! They are ideal for weeknight food or while you truly desire a few sluggish cooked flavor. This recipe for Crock Pot Italian Chicken Pasta has became suitable into a staple at our house, generally as it takes so little time to throw together, my children eat it and so does my husband. After the primary few bites proper out of the crockpot, Gordon was like “wow, that is in reality truly good.” I’m only a pro recipe developer but whatever….don’t sound so surprised.

How to make Crock Pot Italian Chicken Pasta:

    Add diced onion, garlic, fowl breasts, cream cheese, marinara sauce, and a few seasonings suitable into a chilly crockpot.
    Cover and cook dinner on excessive 3-4 hours. If your crock pot runs hot, you may desire to verify the fowl for doneness at 2 1/2 hours.
    Once fowl is cooked, remove, shred and return again to crockpot. Stir to soften cream cheese into sauce completely.
    Toss with hot pasta and serve.


Crock Pot Recipes are the best, incredibly this Italian Chicken Pasta Recipe! Shredded fowl and pasta tossed collectively in a creamy tomato sauce. Set it, overlook it and enjoy! Add this into your dinner rotation.


    1 onion chopped
    2 cloves garlic minced
    1.25 kilos fowl tenders
    salt and pepper to taste
    25 oz marinara sauce one jar
    12 oz cream cheese
    1 tsp Italian Seasoning*
    2 bay leaves
    1 lb pasta


    In a chilly crockpot, region onion, garlic, chicken, salt, pepper, marinara, cream cheese, Italian Seasoning and bay leaves. Cover and cook dinner 3-4 hours or till fowl may be very smooth and can shred easily. Stir to shred fowl and melt cream cheese into the sauce. Toss with hot, cooked pasta and serve.

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